ODroid C1 Case, Red Pis, and Bitcoin! Posted on February 24, 2015 19:23

Ah, another case for another awesome single board PC.

Today we released our case designed specifically for the ODroid C1, a feisty little Raspberry Pi competitor.

Although it's very similar to the Raspberry Pi there are a number of key differences that are reflected in the case:

  • 3 heatsink pillars to pull heat away from the CPU/GPU and dual RAM chips
  • Slot in the rear to expose the infrared receiver, perfect for use with wireless remotes
  • No microSD slot, ideal for use cases where you don't want people snatching or swapping cards
  • Exposed 5V power input, microUSB, and microHDMI on the left side 

We've also begun offering both the Raspberry Pi B+ case and ODroid C1 case in glorious powder coated red!

As we continue to work towards making the checkout process simpler and easier, we're also excited to announce that we now accept Bitcoin as an alternative payment option to credit cards and PayPal.

We've also received many requests asking about Raspberry Pi 2 cases. The good news it that we've tested the current B+ cases against the Pi 2s and they fit perfectly without any issues. We're investigating an updated design that will pull heat away from the RAM chip on the bottom of the Pi 2 and move the top heatsink pillar to cover more of the surface area of the top chips, but our Pi 2s have been running quite cool in our currently offered case.

Stay tuned, more to come!

Eric is now Wicked Aluminum! Posted on January 18, 2015 17:09

Greetings and welcome to Wicked Aluminum!

When we first launched, we were focused on delivering the very best Raspberry Pi case that was both functional and visually striking. Since then, we've begun expanding and experimenting with other products made from high quality aircraft grade aluminum.

With the launch of Wicked Aluminum, we are preparing to launch cases for both the Beaglebone Black and the ODroid C1 (an excellent Raspberry Pi contender). Expect these in the very near future!

If you've ordered from recently or are a return customer, we are the same exact company we were before (Noop Labs LLC). Rest assured that we continue to back our 5 year case warranties and ship the same high quality products you expect.

Thank you for your support!