More cases for more boards such as the ASUS Tinkerboard and ODroid XU4 Posted on March 15, 2019 12:40

Soon I will have more cases for more boards. I'm currently working on the most popular requests such as the ASUS Tinkerboard and Odroid XU4. The new cases will continue to offer direct heat transfer and dissipation through the case itself. Contact me if you have a case request for a new board. I'm always developing new products.

There is also a new 2 piece Raspberry Pi 3B+ case I am developing that will allow for any shield to be used with the RPi whilst still dissipating the heat from the RPi directly throughout the case.

Most of these cases have been designed and 3D printed already to check the fit and are now ready for the CNC prototype to be created. Both of my CNC machines required some maintenance recently that required them to be inoperable for a long period. Now that I have 1 of the 2 machines fully back up and running, production is moving forward again.